Green Houses

Houses and projects for housing designed by Cedric Green from 1965 to 2007


House in Charsfield, Suffolk, UK, for Cedric and Margaret Green built in 1965

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House for Humfrey and Joey Peake, built in 1965 in Brantham, Suffolk UK

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Passive Solar house for Cedric and Margaret Green in Charsfield, UK, built in 1974

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Solar Heated Experimental Dwelling - project built by students at Sheffield University in 1977

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Paxton Court

Sheffield Solar Building Cooperative - 14 solar houses self-built by their owners in Sheffield in 1982-1986

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A solar house in Charsfield, Suffolk, UK, for Colin and Brenda Oldham, built in 1986

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Solar house for Edwige and Christopher Townley, built in 1983, in Normandy, France

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Wits Tent

Passive solar tent - demonstration project built by students at University of Witwatersrand in 1979

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Maison Verte

Bioclimatic and ecological house in Brantome, France.

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A selection of 3 alterations or additions to existing houses

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A pavilion in Zimbabwe, built in 1962, and two houses in Suffolk, UK, built in 1967 and 1968

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