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4: Lintel 'briques' ready for concrete to be poured around reinforcing.
Rolling the glue onto the briques immediately before placing the next one - much quicker than laying concrete blockwork.

Some briques still have to be cut despite the 'prefabrication' .

The final boxes and contents for the temporary electricity supply, on Wednesday morning.

Laying the 9th course Wednesday PM

Friday morning - laying the lintel course. The leaves on the trees have come right out in the last week - compare with photos taken a week ago.

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Apr 21, 2007 - 05:43 PM
Briques at window opening. The hole is for vertical reinforcing.

View of North West wall on Friday - complete to receive the floor beams on Tuesday when the concrete block retaining walls are up to the same level/.

Sliding the forks into a pallette of 'briques' - the crane is operated by the remote control on Francis' belt.

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