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4: Week 4 began after a delay of 4 months - christmas and new year, then waiting for the monomur briques to be made and delivered, took us to mid February, but then Francis Guinot got involved in another job that had complications, we went to UK for a week, and agreed a resumption of work in March. But sorting out the other job took longer than anticipated and finally we extracted a promise to be back on site straight after Easter. On Tuesday, Francis phoned to say that he was bringing a crane onto the site to speed up moving materials. But he said that ideally he needed a 3 phase electricity supply.
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Apr 17, 2007 - 08:13 PM
We had already bought everything for a monophase temporary supply but delayed asking for the EDF (Electricité de France) to connect so save having to pay until it was required. I had made a weatherproof wooden box to house our part of the equipment (which itself was in sealed waterproof cases).  Above are the units in the box before connecting them.

We then found out that we had to have an additional totally sealed box approved by the EDF for a 3-phase supply which was locally not in stock.  We would either have to go to Sarlat or wait for it to be delivered.  More delay. More expense.  Total to this stage 790 Euros.

Without the crane in action, blocks were carried down the hill by the Manitou tractor shovel, and Francis and his men started to set out the monomur walls of the sous-sol (basement and cellar).

The monomur wall on the south west side.

Close up of a palette of monomur.  25 cavitiesin a flattened honeycombmade of extruded fired clay. They are supplied made to fit the plan exactly like Lego, interlocking without mortar, glued together using a special roller to avoid filling the cavities.

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