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4: Fully erect and loaded with counterbalancing concrete blocks (10 tonnes)
The crane was then set on its little platform - the level of our terrace - before being unfolded.

The process of unfolding the crane begins. A temporary electricity supply was borrowed from a cooperative neighbour, Mr Levallois.  In the meantime I had gone off to Perigueux to buy yet another box to meet the EDF requirements. Cost mounts to over 1000 Euros.

Unfolding took 2 hours with snags as the crane hook tangled and it had to be folded again.

Finally it was up, towering above the trees.  It was really because we did not want to cut trees near the house to create a prairie in which to build the house and leave lots of space for materials to be parked and vehicles to circulate, that Francis used to persuade me that he needed the crane at no extra expense.

The crane towering over the neighbourhood. A bit over the top for our our little house.

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Apr 17, 2007 - 08:21 PM
The monomur walls rise on Tuesday morning

Margaret with her finger in a hole in the monomur (to be later plugged with insulation).

An adjustment to the height of the blockwork retaining wall.

Cedric fitting the temporary electricity supply box to the pole, Tuesday afternoon.

Francis using the remote control of the crane bringing down a palette of briques.

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