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Comment: After lunch Francis started the waterproof plaster on the retaining walls, using a compressed air thing that splatted the plaster on.
Monday 25th was raining heavily and there was no work on site.  Work restarted on Tuesday morning. More briques delivered and the lintel course on the North East wall laid.

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Jun 27, 2007 - 03:22 PM
The chainage or horizontal reinforced concrete along the tops of the monomur walls was poured.  On the north east it is at the window lintel level, but here it drops to below where the trusses will rest on the walls.

Here Francis is smoothing off the waterproof plaster.

Thursday afternoon - 4 men on site in the morning to speed up the plastering.

The South corner where the external stairs come down - there will be stone retaining wall on the corner.

View from the West.

Finished off all lintels , waterproof plaster and chainage on Friday.  Mr Dubuisson the joiner making the windows came to measure the openings and discuss cill details.  Expected Francis to disappear for a few weeks now as the carpenter was not ready to start the roof trusses.

All scaffolding and left-over monomur briques removed and slab cleaned off.

I had ordered limestone blocks to go round the small window in the stone wall on the North East.  I went and fetched them from the quarry early enough to take advantage of the crane to swing them down.

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