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Comment: The second lorry load of stone to fill under the "auvent" (roofed area linking house and garage)
View from the West.

Finished off all lintels , waterproof plaster and chainage on Friday.  Mr Dubuisson the joiner making the windows came to measure the openings and discuss cill details.  Expected Francis to disappear for a few weeks now as the carpenter was not ready to start the roof trusses.

All scaffolding and left-over monomur briques removed and slab cleaned off.

I had ordered limestone blocks to go round the small window in the stone wall on the North East.  I went and fetched them from the quarry early enough to take advantage of the crane to swing them down.

Francis phoned on Monday morning to say that he was on site to finish everything necessary for the carpenter.  Mainly filling enough of the level on the terrace for Mr Mazieres' Manitou telescopic shovel/crane to get near.

But before he could back fill, he had to put the Delta MS waterproofing sheet against the wall and the drain in the cahnnel.

The 4000 litre rain water cistern was brought and lowered into place place by Faye's Manitou. and the rest of the waterproofing sheet fixed in place.

The Manitou shovel with telescopic bucket putting sand around the waterproofing and over the drains.

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Jul 03, 2007 - 04:58 PM
Francis' assistant (today the lorry driver) removing the shuttering by the hole for the staircase down to the sous sol.

View fom South as it was left on Tuesday evening.

It rained quite hard on Tuesday and I worked alongside Francis who came in the afternoon without anyone else, directing him where to place stone and sand, and sometimes having to manually move rocks.

Francis ended the day by picking up all the roots of trees to the bottom of the land down the hill to form a vegetative boundary.

The sun came out on Thursday morning and I had a meeting on site with Mr Mazieres of Firbeix, the carpenter and roofer.  I delivered fial drawings of the oak frame and trusses and we discussed how to to put it up, probably in September (builders go on holiday for most of August)

ArchiCAD image of the oak frame and trusses before the roof goes on, discussed with Mr Mazieres. He will order the oak and start making the frame soon. But how soon ?

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