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Comment: The South West side tiled except for the last row by Monday afternoon, after several heavy showers of rain, through which they worked steadily occasionally taking shelter under the roof light.
When the sheeting was all held down to the rafters with small battens, the roof tile battens were marked out and nailed down.

Mr Mazieres working on the juction of the rooflight and the ridge. The whole was covered ready for the weekend.

Monday morning they started the tiling, having left it relatively watertight over the weekend.  The tiles are Terreal, type Canal Romane, colour Brun Rustique.

This will be short week because there is a public holiday on Thursday 1st November and nearly everybody takes a pont , Friday off to make a long weekend. So I am including work this week as part of week 11, which was also a short week as they did not work on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A palette of tiles is lifted by the 'Merlo' .

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Oct 30, 2007 - 04:58 PM
The next morning was very misty to begin, and the North East side was tiled,  with interruptions when it rained too heavily to continue. The tilers throwing tiles to each other.

As a result of a slight misunderstanding, the Douglas Fir ceiling joists which were to be exposed under the ceiling, were delivered not planed, so I offered to plane them all using Mr Mazieres large electric Makita hand plane.

Wednesday morning saw the completion of the main roof tiling.

The two carpenters working on the fascia of the roof light projection.

Fixing the flashings ('solins') around the roof light.

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