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Comment: Geff came from Sheffield for a week to help with putting in ceilings and floors on the mezzanine. They are in tongued and grooved Poplar, another local wood which does not need chemical treatment against insects or fungus. It is soft but very pale with hardly any knots.
January 2008 - from now on progress is slower because I am on my own (with Margaret of course).  The real 'self-build' begins now with all the interior partitions, ceilings, floors and joinery.

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imgp0165.jpg - Jan 17, 2008 - 09:24 AM
Geffrey on the mezzanine cutting poplar floor boards for the spare bedroom. The weather was awful - continual rain but luckily not cold. The polythene temporary windows kept us dry. The rest of the windows are being made and should be fitted the first week in February.

View down from mezzanine of Margaret varnishing the inside of windows. Ceiling over Margaret's 'bureau' at the top of picture.

After work at about 5:00

A week later with more partition framing and doors to bedroom, bathroom and bureau hung. All the oak has marks and stains from water, boots, iron forks and every surface needs sanding. the cost and complications of sand-blasting has been rejected. Water is still getting in past my temporary polythene windows and staining the oak.

The poplar ceiling over the kitchen with the slot which will be glazed for top light from the roof light/collector.  Margaret could not be persuaded to have a sloping ceiling open to the mezzanine as originally planned so this is a compromise.

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