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Comment: The corner of the kitchen where all the hot and cold water pipes come up from the 'sous sol' 1000 litre hot water heating buffer tank.
'Fermacell' partitions need sanding at the edges producing a lot of fine dust (not toxic but requiring mask and goggles)

Creation of a puzzle - partition frame built through ladder !

Oak frame left exposed , requiring very accurately cut 'fermacell' panels.  Slow progress when I'm working alone.

The electrician and plumber now both use large diameter flexible and colourful conduits which can be completely built into slabs or behind partitions, through which wires or plastic pipes can be drawn. The cost of copper for pipes means that plastic has completely replaced it except where they are exposed.

All these conduits will be covered by a suspended chestnut parquet insulated floor.

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May 20, 2008 - 09:50 AM
Spaghetti of electrical conduits behind the circuit breaker box position.

Latest acquision - a surface planer.  It is much cheaper to buy unplaned wood direct from the sawmill and cut and plane it to size.

A finished 'fermacell' partition in the oak frame by the double volume over the living room.

Margaret pushing wood fibre insulation into the bathroom partitions.  This is primarily for sound insulation.

Geff and Jamie came with their families from the UK, but we made them work for a few days helping to move heavy beams, scaffolding. etc

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