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Comment: Geff dressed to use the belt sander to clean the oak frame. Star Wars !
A finished 'fermacell' partition in the oak frame by the double volume over the living room.

Margaret pushing wood fibre insulation into the bathroom partitions.  This is primarily for sound insulation.

Geff and Jamie came with their families from the UK, but we made them work for a few days helping to move heavy beams, scaffolding. etc

Lack of storage space (garage not built yet)  forced us to store wood outside and covered up. These beams are destined for the balcony and conservatory (greenhouse) structure.

They helped me take some large oak floor beams to our local sawmill to be ripped into smaller sizes. These were ones I bought from the roofer who had misread the drawing and ordered too many.

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Jun 05, 2008 - 10:30 AM
We planned to paint the ceilings next, before doing the floors and all the oak abutting the ceilings needed to be sanded first.

Geff in action with sander.

A cleaned up frame

The oak begins to look good.

Ceiling and walls in mezzanine spare bedroom after painting.

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