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Comment: The fluid enrobing slurry being laid in the living area. That was left to set over a weekend and then they came back to lay the final dry screed on Tuesday.
The screed being laid in the sous sol shower room and laundry.

The finished levelling screed over the hemp and lime insulating screed, which could not be finished smooth enough  to receive tiles.

While Mr Augustin did the screed downstairs, we cleared up and prepared the edge formwork for the screed.

The temporary stair (echelle de meunier) to the mezzanine had to be removed and temporarily fixed to go down to the sous sol.

The 4 circuits in the living space.

On the days that Margaret and I work all day on site we take our lunch break in Brantome - a workers lunch - omelette and glass of wine.

First a very liquid cement/sand slurry with something added to encase the pipes is spread - here in the kitchen.

Mr Augustin and his men.

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Jul 11, 2008 - 10:13 AM
Before the final dry sand/cement screed is laid a steel reinforcing grille is laid on top of the dry enrobing screed/

The screed finishes very dark grey which is closer to the final colour of the slate tile floor.

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