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Comment: On Tuesday 13 March the hemp insulation arrived from Castillon - the whole living area was filled with the cardboard boxes of semi rigid panels.
Getting rid of rubbish at the Brantome recycling depot (dechetterie)

A nice little cast iron wood burning stove left at the dechetterie - I was very tempted to take it home, but it was broken and I was restrained by Margaret, who is trying to get me to throw away things I have collected over the last 40 years (in case they might be useful !)

Interior of living area / workshop.

Framing over the stair hole down to the sous sol. On the kitchen side will be a work top possibly with an oven unit.

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The spare bedroom on the mezzanine was also filled with hemp insulation panels.

The cellar store housed the loose hemp stalk insulation (chenevotte) to be used under the floors.

More boxes of hemp in the bureau.  Wherever they were put. they were in the way and had to be moved again and again. Luckily thay are light.

Interior of mezzanine - temporary floors of loose larch exterior boarding (bardage) laid down wherever needed.  Without the garage built yet storage of materials is a problem.

Attic spaces filled with hemp wool panels unpacked ready to be placed behind ceilings when the plasterer comes next week.  To save money and hard labour we've decided to have plasterboard sloping ceilings done by a professional.  Flat ceilings I am doing myself in poplar boarding.

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