Passive Solar house for Cedric and Margaret Green in Charsfield, UK, built in 1974
charsfield site Delta 1975 Conservatory West side View in Winter
Living room and bedroom windows View from south 1975 - construction - Douglas fir frame, well insulated roof with slates - glazed solar conservatory. Garden side from West Duck eye view from Potsford Brook
View across fields (before Dutch elm disease hit trees) 1975 Garden elevation Finished 1974 Sitting room
Hall and stair Sitting room with sliding doors left separating kitchen or hall. Stair hall and dining area viewed from sitting room. View from kitchen
bedroom 2 Bedroom 1 Kitchen Bedroom 1
Delta 1975 int 01 First floor hall and stair down Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2
Bedroom 1 Delta 1975 ...view 10 years later after enclosure and addition of a garage. Entrance in porch (car port)
car port later enclosed and garage added... Conservatory ...with summer reflective blinds. Two storey conservatory...
Delta conservatory (5) looking down into conservatory from a bedroom. Frame with galvanised bolts and ring connectors. Frame erected after a week.
Timber frame (Douglas Fir) delivered. Mr Saunders and son putting up the timber frame. Delta constr (5) After 2 weeks...
... ready for battens and roof slates Delta design (1) Ground and first floor plans Cross section showing passive warm air circulation and summer and winter midday sun angles
The house was instrumented, dialy readings of solar radiation, temperatures, humidity were measured over the winter, and analysed by computer at Sheffield University in 1975 Site Plan 1974 Final design - Perspective 1973 Detail of timber cladding -  West
View from South West Imgp8852 Bedroom 3 with sleeping gallery IMG 0003