A few other buildings, in Zimbabwe and in Suffolk

The first of these buildings was designed while I was working in what was then called Southern Rhodesia, teaching in an African mission school, and making sculpture in metal in my spare time. The design was inspired by the famous stone ruins called Great Zimbabwe. It was a personal commission from Lady Virginia Courtauld, a patron of the arts with her husband Sir Stephen Courtauld, who had chosen to retire to live in Rhodesia.

The second was a design done in the office of the architect John Penn, for which I was personally responsible, at a time when he was too busy to do it.

The third was a commission from a friend, carried out while I was employed by the Suffolk County Planning Department as head of the design section. This work involved attempting to persuade housing developers and non-architect designers to improve the quality of their designs.

I did not have the opportunity in these designs to put into practice the ideas I was already developing about passive solar and low energy design.

I have included a competition design done with students of Sheffiled University School of Architecture in 1975, for slum rehousing in Manila in the Philippines. The competition was organised by the Habitat Conference in Vancouver.