View of Paxton Court from Valley road View of type 2 houses Our house viewed from parking area First Type 1 house with extended greenhouse as entrance link
View towards West from top type 1 house View from adjoining woodland of bottom type 1 house Type 1 house in foreground and my own type 2 house on the right - note solar energy monitoring unit as part of instrumentation of my house by ETSU Largest T1 house -(later with entire court covered with a glass roof over a pool.)
Two T2 and one T1 house Top T1 house (the owner was the professional mason bricklayer and displayed his skills) View from the rooflight of the top T2 house of site under construction T2 houses in the snow.
View from across the valley of the whole group. Six T2 houses under construction Some of the self-build group in front of the SHED being re-erected on the site, with the model of the scheme made by Martin in front