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Architecture et Nature - Site de réflexion et de proposition sur l'architecture et l'environnement de notre époque. Ce site a été créé par Jean-Luc Sauvaigo afin de faire partager sa passion de l'Architecture et de l'environnement. L'Architecture et la nature loin de s'opposer, devraient au contraire parfaitement s'harmoniser et se compléter... Les sujets : Réflexion sur la maison, Vers des maisons écolo?, Amènager Partout?, L'urbanisme actuel, Intégration des constructions dans le paysage, Les terrains, Les "maisons Solaires", Les "maisons à ossature bois", Les "maisons à ossature acier", Les petites maisons, Micro-Habitat de loisir, Les eoliennes, Des maisons containers ?, L'urbanisme actuel, Vers un renouveau des cabanes ?, Maisons Flottantes, Autres Maisons flottantes, Camping car Solaires, Proposition pour les sans abris, Le "Jardins des Poètes", Les fermes environnementales de demain..., Autres maisons flottantes, Proposition pour les sans abris, Nouveaux villages écologiques, Architecture marginale pleine de poésie..., Maisons pour le futur..., L'avenir..., URBANISME & ENVIRONNEMENT, Les moyens de transports, Accidents de la route, Les voitures solaires, L'équipe Suisse du SUISSPIRIT, Transport futur : "les Navettes Obus", Le Vélo, La 2 CV, Programe pour une nouvelle 2 CV Solaire, Voitures Solaires en vente aujourd'hui..., Bateaux Solaires . Another site by the author of Maison Solaire with a wealth of information and useful links - all in French, but worth translating and reading.. Un autre site par l'auteur de la Maison solaire avec une richesse d'informations et de liens utiles - en français, ...


Maison Solaire - A site in French : "Le Solaire est plus que jamais synonyme de Libertie... Si nous voulons bâtir un monde plus libre, il nous faut faire en sorte que progressivement le "solaire" fasse partie intégrante de notre vie..... En effet, cet apport énergétique est gratuit... !"
Cette site crée par l'architecte Jean-Luc Sauvaigo, est trés bien présenté et nous offre beaucoup de conseils sur le solaire et architecture, sous les titres suivante:

1 - Pourquoi construire une maisons solaire aujourd'hui ? ..2 - Le principe de l'effet de serre ..3 - Le procédé de chauffage solaire recommandé ..4 - Les maisons doivent être construite avec le climat ..5 - Conseils pour bien construire ..6 - Combien coûte une maison solaire ..7 - Historique de l'utilisation de l'énergie solaire ..8 - L'apport thermique ..9 - Le puits Canadien ou Puits Provençal 10 - Les avantages du Solaire 11 - Adresses de sites .....



My Green iPhone - Original eco-art for your iPhone and iPod touch "Your iPhone is personal. So is your commitment to Green causes. Why not combine the two with Green art designed specifically for your iPhone. Let your iPhone express your Greener self! iPhone and iPod touch devices allow you to add photo wallpapers...." offers free downloads of these high quality images designed specifically for the iPhone or iPod touch. Donations are invited to support the service. Images are contributed by interested photographers and artists. A nice idea that deserves to catch on.

right - Yellowstone canyon





Keith Howard's Non-Toxic Printmaking Page - Extracts from "Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking", describing non-toxic photographic intaglio printmaking methods; Intaglio-Type method using ImagOn film; new grounding methods. Few illustrations but enough information to to give an idea of the contents of the books.. also see :..

Printmaking Methods - A 'Print Australia' Listing - A comprehensive resource of information concerning methods of printmaking and general 'how-to' information, giving preference to sites promoting the use of non-toxic methodologies. A site filled with links to sites under different headings: | Print Australia | Australian Printmakers | Non-Australian Printmakers | Art Theory | Book Arts | Discussion Groups | Education | Exhibitions | Australian Galleries | Non-Australian Galleries | Lists of Links | Magazines | Methods | Organisations | Other media | Papermaking | Prizes | Professional Practice | Searching & Browsing | Suppliers | What's On | Women | Workshops |. Few illustrations, but a popular site..


Lindisfarne Sundials - "With time,all we need is the Sun" - Tony Moss designs and builds superb and amazing sundials. His well designed site illustrates and describes his work. " If you have a sundial design in mind but lack the facilities to turn it into enduring bronze, a sad dial that has lost its gnomon, a stolen dial to be replicated or any similar problem I may be able to help provided you are prepared to wait patiently" His dials are etched on bronze and plated sometimes in gold, and he is starting to use electrolytic methods. Not strictly architecture, but solar in a way ...



Sven Åke Svenson lives in the southeast part of Sweden on Österlen where he has his studio and gallery. He works in his studio and in the open air inspired by Scandinavian romantic landscape traditions, painting with toning and glazing that gives a transparent effect. His subjects are taken from the coast between Åhus and Kåseberga. He also makes working trips to Bohuslän in Sweden, to Italy and Austria ...

Jenna Weston Studio - Jenna's work includes fine handmade paper mixed media sculptures which integrate numerous components from nature. "I seek a balance in my collaboration with natural elements; I want to give voice to their origins as well as to my own human sensibilities and perceptions. This work invites the viewer to join in my pleasure of the natural world's mystery and grace." A site which is a pleasure to visit and browse in..

"Green Season"


Printmaking Links (2) - Middle Tennesee State University's site with a facility to search the site for information on all aspects of printmaking. A site very rich in information and links to other printmaking sites...

Jordi Gispert Pi - a Catalan artist in his own words :"...The message of the art piece is to provoke reflection and second thoughts about the current abuse of nature and the way it is manipulated.The way trees have existed before humanity and the way trees exist today after humanity. The assembly of the art piece allows for easy hanging against any type of walls, and also allows for suspension from the ceiling. The viewing pleasure of the art piece is maximized when the light reflects in 3 simultaneous modes..." An amazing animated site with images that provoke reflection and a wish to know more about the artist... ... Jordi Gisbert Pi

David Bruce Thompson - artist and committed environmentalist, he has painted extensively in Vancouver where he was born. This love of nature has inspired a large body of wild life art. Recently, David¹s work has evolved into new surreal images he calls Precious Planet Art. The Gaia Theory motivated this unique work. These vibrant paintings reflect David¹s passion for the beauty and fragility of the world in its entirety. Large and bold in colour and content, each painting depicts the earth in connection with something precious and natural. An attractive website and art with an ecological message.... .

Patrick Cooper paintings of the Highlands of Scotland and Australia range from traditional landscapes to indepth colour studys and close ups of bark patterns. ".. Having spent a lot of time outside in all weathers, earning a living or hill walking, I have always been fascinated with the colours of the native woodland, mountain and moorland. I am struck by harmonies of colour such as the reddish upper branches of scots pines contrasting with their pine green foliage or the maroon heather and yellow autumnal birch leaves. To gain inspiration and ideas for paintings I will sometimes make 2 to 4 day trips to remote places staying in bothys or rough camping. As well as sketch books I take small rolled canvases for colour studies and oil sketches....".

Patrick Cooper

Guardian of Loch Dubh -
oil on canvas

Allison ReauVeau creates paintings on scrap steel using non-toxic paints in Phoenix, Arizona. Her art is modern|contemporary, soft and contemplative. "I began experimenting on metal as an alternative to 5-jan-16smorgasbord. The abundant supply and need for recycling propelled me to continue working on metal... I mix and layer paints/patinas and dry pigment to create a look very similar to glaze on a piece of pottery... One can literally gaze deep into each piece and experience a depth unlike work on canvas or paper." ...
Allison  ReauVeau against one of her paintings




M.P. Brown artworks - "Contemporary art for the conscience contemporary" - M.P. Brown was raised during the gradual decline of the American steel industry. The slow transformation from a blue to white collar society left a lasting impression on him. Much like the societal struggles inherent during change; M.P. Brown's artwork invokes a feeling of contradiction or struggle. He uses an experimental technique of smearing, blending, and manipulating paint with various straight edged materials. This subtle struggle is an abstract depiction of his general mood at the time of creation....This site shows the work of a politically liberal and active supporter of Obama.

Canyon Spirit Gallery - Bonnie Antich moved to Colorado in the early 1980's. In 1994 she took pottery lessons, finally fulfilling her passion for art. In 2002 she and her husband, artist/furniture maker Scott LeCocq, purchased a historic building in Old Town Fort Collins and opened their Gallery powered by renewable energy...

Bel Art Web Project is exclusively dedicated to art and pursuits three main goals : To develop a community of artists and galleries around the world, supporting their efforts with free resources to promote their art sites, to provide a guaranteed quality tour and an easy access to the best art related sites in the world of art, and to promote the oil and acrylic paintings on canvas carried through by Manuel Penha da Graca. A simply designed site that offers links to many good international galleries and collections and services for artists wanting to promote their works. The artist author's own works are modestly buried in the middle of the site.....

Peter Ormsby - Steam Train Artist - is capturing an era when time moved at a more leisurely pace. When people cared about their fellow travellers. An era when people recycled because they had to! A site for steam enthusiasts, offering meticulously drawn b+w pictures and technical descriptions of mostly Australian locomotives. Also signed reproduction prints can be ordered. ... about_steam_train_artist.html

Jonathan Green - Born and raised in the Low Country of South Carolina, his images of the everyday life of Gullah people have brought him national and international acclaim as an artist. His website shows mainly his lithographs..

Art & Ecology: "A concern for Mother Nature has found its way into much of Toronto's public art. A local, two-person collective called Fastwürms has transformed the city's mostly underground Convention Center into a simulacrum of the natural world". A site presenting a constantly changing selection of sculptors many with a concern about the environment...



Steve Walker - artist "Ever since I looked out across the east London skyline and saw the oppressive march of high rise living I have been anxious about our effect on our environment. ..For the last 30 years I have kept a visual diary much of which expresses my ambivalence of wanting 'stuff' and its impact on our world. I now have a chalk downland wildlife site in Kent, which I manage under the Stewardship scheme. There are many orchids here including the nationally scarce Man orchid, also there are adders, grass snakes, slow worms, many insects and butterflies. Some of the profit from this website is going towards the upkeep and improvement of the nature site.... ". Colourful site trying to sell his "Giclée" prints (which means ink jet prints, so are classed as reproductions) but in a good cause.....

Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette of Greenbelt, Md., acquires collections of small objects ...then reuses them to explore the human need to collect and examine what our collections say about us. Results are lighthearted and imaginative. "Morisette brings a weaver's hand, a conceptual artist's mind and a bargain-hunter's heart to her art, combining piece after small piece of the apparently insignificant in a tireless pursuit of big conceptual statements.".
This site requires Internet Explorer 7 to see the illustrations in the form of a slideshow - if you use any other browser forget it.

KOZO Studio and Gallery was established by artist Tunde Toth in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. As a Fibre Artist and Papermaker, Tunde works with natural fibres, handmade papers, combined materials, textiles and found objects. Her work utilises environmentally friendly materials without using any animal products and limiting the use of chemical additives, involving a transformation of old papers into a new creative expression. KOZO studio also operates as a gallery, exhibition space and outlet featuring art work and individually designed pieces by artists and craftspeople who work with natural, environmentally friendly, recycled and re-used materials and/or create their work through an environmentally friendly process. They also offer workshops and short courses for adults and children on a variety of techniques ranging from Hand Papermaking to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking, all based on recycling or eco-friendly processes. Attractive site needing Flash Player, recently created and evolving...

Pluto Krazo Designs is dedicated to artistic creations from 99.9% recycled materials making gift cards, vegan jewelry, fashion and art. The materials used included handmade flower petal paper for luminaries, room dividers, cards and even hand bags, recycled tire inner tubes for jewelry, hand bags and gothic attire such as masks and wings and recycled metal and wood for unique hand made musical insturments! One of the main aspects of Pluto Krazo Designs is hand made flower petal paper....

Audrey Hughes - Fibre Artist - her art is hand felted wool, which she creates using one of the oldest textile processes known - The unspun Merino wool fibres are hand felted by use of a system which engages moisture, friction and heat, causing the fibres to entangle, interlock and mat thus producing nature's earth friendly wonder fabric, felt. Making shapes to adorn the human head, she explores the idea of the head as being a container for the soul, a vessel of power and memory, the sacred centre place. Her free hanging interior wall pieces express a blending of texture and colour, with the natural movement of light and shadow, to reveal a merge of idea, sensation, emotion and form. ...




Green Teacher - Education for Planet Earth - a magazine by and for educators to enhance environmental and global education across the curriculum at all grade levels..

GREEN - Global Rivers Environmental Education Network - River of Words: Exploring Watersheds Through Poetry, Art and Ecology. GREEN and IRN are collaborating to offer a series of exciting workshops for educators building on the River of Words approach. Learn to explore, analyze and take actions to improve your own watershed through poetry, art and environmental science..

GREEN- the GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network - A Washington-based environmental campaigning group active in questioning agricultural abuses and other ecological issues..