Ecomundi is the latest trading arm of The Mundi Group Ltd, a company which operates on a commercial basis, but with a strict adherence to sustainability in all its forms, relating to producers, customers, partners and the environment. The business exists to make a profit, but, much more importantly, it exists to make a difference. The shareholders and directors share a common belief that it is unsustainable for businesses to continue to ignore the full costs of their activities in terms of impact on their surroundings, and exploit the natural resources of the planet without due regard for the generations yet to come and use their position and financial muscle at the expense of small farmers and producers all over the world in the quest for maximum profit. A rich source of ecological products.. http://www.mundigroup.com/index.php/ecomundi ecomundi


The Artists' Co-op has been founded by a group of New Zealand artists who, for the most part, work outside the traditional areas of painting and object sculpture, in the more ephemeral realms of performance and conceptual art. With the aid of a $3000 QE II establishment grant the Co-op provides, for all interested artists in any field, studio, performance and exhibition space outside the public and dealer gallery set-up. It aims to protect and nurture artists' interests, to make art a more vital force in the community and to connect New Zealand artists with an international network of similar and like-minded organisations.
Their most recent event however is the most adventurous step it has taken yet to come to terms with recent art movements. The exhibition, entitled Work, is a documentation with photographs, tapes and video of recent work by Barry Thomas, Eva Yuen, Ian Hunter, Terry Handscombe and Ross Boyd - all of them Artist's Co-op committee members. Of the five, Barry Thomas is the most well-known. He sky-rocketed to fame early this year with his cabbage plantation on the demolished Duke of Edinburgh/Roxy Theatre site in the centre of Wellington. This cabbage patch, planted in such a way as to spell the word CABBAGE immediately captured the imagination of both the media and the public and engendered a flurry of other activities on the site, culminating in a week-long festival recently when the cabbages were ceremonially harvested. Click below for more links:



barry thomas

Green Art Market is a marketing organisation which promotes and sells work by artists and artisans from the Dominican Republic. They "...believe in keeping traditions alive while keeping the earth alive as well. Dominican Artisans have learned their skills from father to son for centuries; some art craft is done with the same techniques and materials that Taino natives used more than 500 years ago. By showing their works of art to the world, we show the heritage of all Dominican people.
We take pride in encouraging the use of renewable, recycled materials, so their art does not go in detriment to the environment. Things that may not have any use for you will become adorable treasures in their hands. The use of certified renewable wood or stones that are not directly collected from the rivers reservoirs are just simple rules to ensure the continuous flow of life through their skilled hands....." A colourful and professional site promoting and selling work by people working to revive traditional crafts and natural materials....http://www.greenartmarket.com

greenart market

Danielle Siembieda is an art service provider and creative entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area. "...Her most recent project, “The Art Inspector” was incepted in 2009 as a method to reduce the carbon footprint of art. She recently received a grant from the Silicon Valley Energy Watch to conduct energy assessments on artist’s studios and take them through an eco-art makeover..." This site and the Art Inspector site show the variety of interesting projects and illustrates them vividly.... http://siembieda.com/index.html



Eco Your Life is a site put together by 3 friends who all went off to University and studied various courses and all wanted to bang all their skills into one big project, and here it is. They have always had a keen interest in the environment and felt a great way to share each other's knowledge, skills and personality, would be to create this site and keep you up to date on current Eco news and information.

The site is very well structured and filled with very useful information under headings like Building, Technology, Events, Living, Reviews, Sport, Travel, and Top Ten. There are hours of happy browsing here to change your life
Derby Visitor Centre
Derby Visitor Centre

GreenOrbit.org is a website that promotes good examples of environmentally sound practices and companies that implement them. ".. We believe that by investing some energy and effort in creating links between environmentally aware busineses we can trigger new, creative developments and constructive solutions. The first step in this process is to provide fresh information about the latest technological and design developments available, in the form of a well organised directory.." GreenOrbit.org is open to all businesses to publish their press releases, provided that they feature eco-friendly improvements in design solutions, production methods, materials, recyclability, or sustainable processes. A rich source of articles and information. .http://www.greenorbit.org/


Ecofirms provides a free service to help organizations, companies, as well as individual visitors find a viable resource within the eco industry in the US and Canada. It provides a searchable index of companies, links, and a free listing to anyone wanting to be on the index. The categories cover Foods and Dining, Health and Wellness, Issues and Solutions, Media and Advertising, Eco Friendly Products, Ecological Services, Eco Energy, Sources, Eco Tourism. A well organised site invaluable for research. ..http://www.ecofirms.org/

The Eco Street site consists of a directory of green businesses and websites, a news blog concentrating on eco-friendly and sustainable living stories and an eco-friendly forum where an online community of green-minded individuals discuss sustainability and other issues. Headings include : Babies & Children, Careers & Recruitment, Eco-Friendly Blogs, Eco-friendly House, Education & Courses, Fairtrade & Organic Fashion, Organic & Local Food & Drink, Funerals ,Gardening & Farming, Natural & Organic Health & Beauty, Responsible Travel & Holidays, Sustainable Lifestyle, Energy Saving & Recycled Office Resources, Ethical Personal Finance, Personals and Dating, Green Property & Real Estate, Recycling Services, Responsible Transport, Volunteering .... and so on - almost any subject you can think of.... http://www.ecostreet.com/

greenmuseum.org - a new online museum of environmental art, advances creative efforts to improve our relationship with the natural world. Their goal is to inform, inspire and connect people through environmental art and encourage the creation of new work that serves their communities and ecosystems. The site has three main sections: Artist Section presents images and documentation of artwork, writings and online exhibitions. Community provides a full listing of Events, Opportunities, and Links.... www.greenmuseum.org

A typical example of an artist's work on this site are the impressive stone and earth sculptures of New Zealand artist, Chris Booth. They are feats of balancing, engineering and a widely conceived sense of place. Stacked stone forms refer to their origins in volcanos or river banks and are often gathered in consultation with representatives of local indigenous people... http://greenmuseum.org/content/artist_index/artist_id-30__nosplit-z.html



Centre for Alternative Technology - Europe's foremost Eco-Centre - an educational charity striving to achieve the best cooperation between the natural, technological and human worlds. At their centre in Wales, UK, they test, live with and display strategies and tools for doing this. The website will take you on a tour round the centre and show their work in solar heating, low energy building, wind power generation, and list their publications and other attractions (and how to get to their Welsh site) .. http://www.cat.org.uk/

Rocky Mountain Institute - An entrepreneurial, nonprofit organization created by Amory and Hunter Lovins, that fosters the efficient and restorative use of resources to create a more secure, prosperous, and life-sustaining world. Site rich in information and constantly updated. http://www.rmi.org/

GREENPEACE - A rich source of green information of all kinds - statistics, technical information, campaigns, links to other sites. What more needs to be said.. http://www.greenpeace.org/



The Coalition of Green Artists, a group of professional artists and philanthropists committed to environmentally-friendly approaches to creativity, has launched a project to promote an innovative solution to the need for art supplies and materials in schools and community recreation centers and to teach the benefits of recycling to students and artists...http://greenartists.tripod.com

Dreamfish.org is an open creative network of people who are committed to bring forth a just, sustainable, healthy world. "We believe that sustainability grows in an environment of creativity, multiculturalism, diversity, health, compassion, and celebration. DreamStream is our collective blog, an intercultural interdisciplinary space where registered users of dreamfish.org have conversations about sustainability innovation. Swim in the stream for inspiration, knowledge, news, videos and fun"...Site that relies on voluntary contributions and whose aims deserve support....http://www.dreamfish.org/



GreenNet is part of the only global computer network specifically designed for environment, peace, human rights and development groups. It offers email and its own special conferences, as well as the usual range of dial-up Internet services... http://www.gn.apc.org/

Stuff in the Air - sets out to explain modern meteorological processes and techniques, scientific concepts as well as meteorology and weather systems. An increasing number of pages include enlightening photographs and physical science articles. It was created to some extent for the use of students exploring career options, educators of such students and other members of the public who may be looking for answers to important questions like global warning. A site that is rich in useful ecological information and hard to classify, but very well designed and supported. ... http://www.stuffintheair.com click to enlarge image



This year 2012 the ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival programme works on the themes of man's relationship with nature and the connection between sexuality and the body as well as the natural state of the human body. Artist Heather Cassils will perform her work Teresias in the classical assembly hall in the Kuopio Provincial Government building. Teresias is based on the Greek myth and deals with the transformation of the body. Australian artists Makeshift invite people to help them preserve seasonal food. In the end the jars will contain pickles and jam but also discussions and moments lived together. A stimulating site featuring this year an environmetal theme in their festival programme - links to other years.. http://www.antifestival.com/2012/eng/luonnonanti/

Cheng-Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project
This website is about an international environmental art project held each year in Cheng Long Wetlands, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan.  The art project consists of site-specific sculpture installations focused on environmental issues and to promote public awareness.  Artists work with the community and school children in Cheng Long village in rural south-western Taiwan.  Five  international artists (3 from other countries and 2 from Taiwan) are selected each year from a Call for Proposals to artists all over the world. The founder and curator is American environmental artist Jane Ingram Allen, living in Taiwan since 2004 when she came there as a Fulbright scholar artist in residence. This site is a blog following the annual project (in English and Chinese)....

Hackwood Arts Festival 2011 - Planning for the fifth Hackwood Art Festival from 24th to 26th June 2011 is well underway and we look forward to an exciting year.  Building work means it will take place in the stunning grounds of Huish House, less than half a mile from Hackwood Farm.  The Festival started in 2005 and since the beginning have helped raise over £100,000 for charity and have been keen to champion eco-art, showing the work of such artists as Steve Yeates (sculpture from recycled vandalised bus shelter glass), Darren Greenhow and Tracey Falcon. We are always looking for new artists and particularly eco-artists
The Festival aims to bring greater understanding and appreciation of ecological contemporary art to all parts of the community and to assist working and amateur artists to promote their work. Supporting artists enables them to work and the public to enjoy the fruits of their work, so please come and enjoy the Festival and buy a picture or two or take part in one of their workshops.
... http://www.hackwoodartfestival.co.uk/

hackwood arts

Floating Land is an ongoing conversation about creativity, the environment and culture. Floating Land began as an outdoor sculpture event and has since grown to include writers, performance artists, musicians, photographers, academics and scientists. Conceived in 2001, planning has commenced for the 5th Floating Land to be held in June 2009. Artists will explore the theme of climate change and the impact of rising sea levels on coastal and island communities of the Pacific Ocean, all set within the beautiful Noosa environment. Artists from the Pacific Islands and New Zealand will join Australian and local artists to create and deliver messages that explore ‘Green Art’, This year the featured event is from June 19 to 28 - keep watching this site for updates. http://www.floatingland.com.au/
Right - Internationally acclaimed sculptor Virginia King will lead participants in the creation of naturally aesthetic works which will later be either launched individually on the lake or collaborated into a larger work. Participants may also choose to continue to assist Virginia throughout Floating Land in the making of Ephemeral and Edible Installation. When: Sunday June 21, 9.30am [...]



Arte Ideas is a company in the UK which aims to bring you an inspiring collection of Fashion and Lifestyle products which do not compromise ethics for style, whilst helping to make a worth while contribution to our planet. Their long term ambition has always been to make a difference to people's lives and work towards a sustainable society. They feel trade should be fair to both the people who manufacture the products and the environment and all these considerations are included in the way Arte Ideas do business. They are committed to improving the impact on the wider community and the environment. They provide a platform for an inspiring selection of eco-friendly products but also showcases local designers who care about our planet. A site offering ecologically produced stylish and recyclable goods online...http://www.arteideas.co.uk/

Scotia Fair Trade promotes and sells goods made by small-scale and marginalized producers in Africa, Asia and South America. They offer a wide and growing range of fair trade products which include natural beauty butters and soaps, pure essential oils, incense, jewellery, clothing accessories, crafts, gift items and greeting cards. Scotia Fair Trade is a member of BAFTS (the British Association for Fair Trade Shops). You can browse by the following countries : Cambodia, Chile, Comoros, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Philippines, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, Vietnam, West Bank . http://www.scotiafairtrade.com/
Hand carved wooden rainforest box



Andrea Jansen - is a maker of Gourd art. Once used solely for utilitarian purposes such as water carriers and ceremonial vessels, gourds are now being taken to a higher level and decorated as never before. The type of gourd she uses is from the calabash tree found here on the island of Puerto Rico, called an higüera. Its delicate looking shell is misleading; it is hard, dense and solid, and allows her to design and carve many shapes not possible with vine-grown gourds. She lives and works in Puerto Rico and has won prizes in California for her gourd art. Her simply designed site shows and sells her varied and attractive work including lamps whose shape is created as the gourd grows.... http://www.andreajansendesigns.com/index.htm

Taskboard is an unbleached wood product made of sustainable forestry wood. It is natural and biodegradable and can be sanded just like wood. "...Replanting, good forest management and long-term planning have led to a very large increase in timber supplies.... The forest is a resource which should be managed so that it provides a good return on a sustainable basis and ensures the preservation of biodiversity...". A well designed and informative site showing all the different ways that Taskboard can be used - especially good for architectural models....http://www.taskboard.com/sustainable.html

Racines Art Supplies is a North Californian shop supplying Artists. They have an environmental comittment in sourcing their materials "At Racines we realize we cannot take for granted or show disrespect to our planet and her resources. We also understand that we do not live in a "paperless society"... I believe you don't have to comprise quality when using recycled or remanufactured products, and that is why we use environmentally safe art and office supplies." http://www.racinesfortbragg.com/greenpolicy.html



The Maho Bay Art Center, St. John, US Virgin Islands, creates art from recycled products such as beer bottles, bed linens, and lint from clothes dryers. Highly skilled artists create the art made at our studios located at Maho Bay Camps on the hillsides of the Caribbean shores. All art pieces for purchase are one-of-a-kind, so color, shape and size will vary with each piece.
An example is illustrated opposte - Clay Saki Set This stoneware is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel at Maho Bay Clay Works and then imprinted with shells and coral from our beaches. As a final touch, glass from waste bottles is used on the inside as a glaze.,,

Downbound.com offers a wide assortment of products that promote environmental sustainability. They have hundreds of organic hemp items including clothing footwear bags and accessories. All of their products are non-sweatshop and non-exploitive of animals. Their site also has a large library of information on related topics. They also have a very attractive affiliates program offering discounts for referrals..
An interesting site especially for Vegan shoppers and anyone interested in alternatives to synthetics, especially hemp products. A good range of ecological topics in the library....http://www.downbound.com/


The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company -Designers and manufacturers of recycled, odorless paper products made from elephant dung. Journals, note boxes and greeting cards and other unique gifts from 'poo paper'. The company is focused today on the production, innovation and marketing of all sorts of fun products made from elephant poo! "We have a fun and dynamic international team at our modest outfits in N. America, Australia, Japan, and Europe where we spread the word and sell our products as well as in Asia where we make all our fantastic products using age-old paper making techniques, evolved locally over hundreds of years. A portion of our profits from the sale of each product from The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company is directed to worthwhile conservation and welfare projects...". Another site offering ecologically produced paper products..... http://www.poopoopaper.com/index.html

The Exotic Paper Company is the UK’s sole supplier of the complete Ellie Poo and Ellie Eats range of 100% recycled papers. The Sri Lankan elephant has a very inefficient digestive system whereby almost 45% of it’s food intake is passed through as undigested matter... This site describes the process of collecting the material, making the paper in their modern mill near Hemel Hempstead. Together with their own comprehensive selection of recycled inclusion papers, they offer a varied, unique, ecological, ethical, biodegradable, acid free and ‘green’ source of 100% recycled papers, stationery, greetings cards and paper gifts made from Sri Lankan elephant dung which has a warm beige colour..... Fascinating and well designed site with ideas for eco gifts and paper to paint or print on... http://www.elliepoopaper.co.uk/


Tafetan Art is a Colombian organisation promoting and selling traditional crafts - "In our factory, we have elaborated contemporaneous carpets with the most exclusive designs totally handmade, using natural fibers with the aid of vertical looms. At the same time we have supported the work of other artists and Colombian craftsmen. Our mission is to commercially propel the Colombian art and crafts, helping to increase the production of unique pieces of art which are done by hand, stimulating the new generation to follow the path of our ancestors whom for decades have been dedicated to transform natural elements utilizing traditional techniques in order to obtain pieces of matchless beauty...." A well designed and attractive site offering mouthwatering hand-made goods from Colombia.....http://www.tafetan-art.com/index.htm

ECOMALL - "Earth's Largest Environmental Shopping Center". A site where you can search for Green products and links to sites with information about the environment. There is a good search facility by keywords, or by categories. Not much about art, but lots of links of interest to artists.... www.ecomall.com

eco-artware.com is dedicated to meeting the needs of everyone who is looking for gifts that are beautiful, well made and environmentally friendly. On these pages you will find designs by 25 (and counting) artists: hand-crafted jewelry, personal, home and office accessories, business gifts and custom awards. All are made from recycled, reused and natural materials....http://www.eco-artware.com/

Clear glass ornament filled with aluminum "tinsel" shards from oxygen tanks left on Mt. Everest.


Loewestamm Company manufactures stylish accessories handcrafted from natural wood. Adhering to own philosophy, Loewestamm offers conceptual collections composed of wooden necklaces, wooden bracelets, wooden bangles, wooden earrings. Each product presented by the Loewestamm Company is hand-made and unique since there are no two identical pieces of wood. Flashy site with nice things... http://www.woodenjewellery.com/

Pibiones by Antonello - exclusive fashion accessories and luxury handbags made with hand-woven eco-friendly fabrics. In the heart of Sardinia in a region known as the Mejlogu; on top of an inactive volcano rises Siligo a small village of 1000 inhabitants... It was in this vibrant rural community that Antonello grew up. It was here that he started to discover the wonders of the luxury hand-woven eco-friendly fabrics... It was while living in constant contact with the traditional woven articles (including luxury carpets, luxury tapestries, luxury furniture mats and festival trappings for the horses and oxen), that Antonello first developed his interest in luxury eco-friendly fabrics which would become his passion..A site for the urban rich to satisfy their consciences by buying ecologically made luxuries.... http://www.pibiones.com/


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